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Gathering the Required Data

Creating a solid base for organized NOC support means moving beyond the criteria of merely "collecting" the required data. You will work with a professional project manager and the collaboration will lead to a thorough review and explanation of your support needs.

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Easy Onboarding

Our onboard team will then work with the NOC team to review the runbook, finetune it, train the NOC support staff if necessary, and ensure that everyone has what they need to go forward with confidence. We work through a detailed onboard checklist to ensure that the attention it needs is provided to each aspect of the service.

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Experts Insight

Armed with the expertise and insight that comes only from first-hand experience, our team can foresee problems spot opportunities, and know exactly how to communicate solutions and changes for those concerned. Whether we review service level metrics or plan the next business extension, you can work with committed service professionals who provide transparency and immediate solution to the client's needs.

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WHY NOC as a Service?

Networks can be costly to manage but are a must to keep up with different business aspects. Regardless of a company’s size, outsourcing their NOC will help ensure proper control, review, safe, and evaluation of their networks. These can also help support micro-services, run business applications more effectively, and control the network more generally. Outsourcing the NOC will help free up a lot of precious internal resources that would otherwise need to be devoted to managing the network. This will help automate the processes and operational problems by putting in new projects during their time off. Not to mention, it will significantly reduce the overall operating costs. We don’t close tickets until you’re 100 % satisfied with it. Our team ensures the fulfillment of Excellent customer service as their mission and that all-important peace of mind.


Areas that Our Service Covers

24x7 Network and Server Surveillance

Troubleshooting and upgrading of device installations

Administration facilities by telephone

Exploration and evaluation of networks

Operating device protection and critical patch management

A mutual study of threats

Optimization and monitoring standards of service

Managing Video and Audio Traffic

Quality monitoring and recommendations for change

Network Infrastructure Installation

Minimize Downtime with Remote System Backups


Benefits of NOC as A Service

Reduces running expenses

Risk Administration

Significantly reduced downtime

Incident prompt treatment at all times

IT tools for other tasks are freed up

Protection from Cyber Threats

Enhanced network monitoring around the clock

New High-Performance Infrastructure



NOC Services: Empowering Excellence through Strategic Partnerships

In the dynamic realm of Information Technology, NOC Services has emerged as a trailblazing company, renowned for its innovation and cutting-edge solutions. The company has recently achieved a significant milestone by forming strategic alliances with industry giants such as Microsoft, Red Hat, Linode, DigitalOcean, Oracle, Fortinet, Cisco, Amazon, and Amazon AWS. NOC Services' decision to join forces with these tech powerhouses marks a pivotal juncture in its journey, amplifying its capabilities and solidifying its status as a premier IT solutions provider. Through its collaboration with Microsoft, NOC Services gains access to unparalleled resources and expertise, further enriching its offerings across cloud computing, productivity tools, and more. The partnership with Red Hat empowers NOC Services to harness advanced open-source solutions, ensuring seamless integration and unmatched scalability for its clients. In tandem, the collaborations with Linode and DigitalOcean enhance the company's cloud infrastructure services, promising exceptional performance and reliability. NOC Services' alignment with Oracle, Fortinet, Cisco, Amazon, and Amazon AWS places it at the forefront of database management, network security, and cloud services. This comprehensive range of partnerships enables NOC Services to cater to an extensive array of business requirements. Through these strategic alliances, NOC Services empowers businesses with tailor-made IT solutions that enhance their efficiency, security, and overall performance. Clients can now access an even broader spectrum of services that seamlessly amalgamate the strengths of these tech giants with NOC Services' own expertise. In an era defined by collaborative innovation, NOC Services' strategic partnerships underscore its dedication to delivering holistic, state-of-the-art IT solutions. As technology continues to shape the future, NOC Services remains poised to lead the way, consistently delivering excellence through its enriched network of industry collaborations.

Microsoft Linode Digital Ocean Oracle Akamai Amazon Aws Fortinet Cisco

Partnerships in Europe

We are more than happy to announce our strategic partnerships with Netcompany-Intrasoft in Greece and EU-Lisa in Strasbourg. They mark significant milestones for us, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities and achievements that will stem from these alliances. We look forward to the promising journey ahead, fueled by innovation and shared objectives.

EU-Lisa Netcompany-Intrasoft

Securing the European Union

Alongside Netcompany-Intrasoft a prominent information security company that operates in close collaboration with EU-Lisa and Noc Services to bolster the security infrastructure of the European Union. Leveraging their expertise in the field of information security, Netcompany-Intrasoft plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive data, systems, and networks within the EU. Their partnership with EU-Lisa, a European agency responsible for large-scale IT systems, enhances their capabilities to address complex security challenges. Noc Services' involvement further solidifies this security alliance, pooling resources and knowledge to fortify the European Union's digital environment. Together, this strategic consortium works diligently to establish and maintain cutting-edge security measures that safeguard critical information, ensure data privacy, and protect against cyber threats. Through their collaborative efforts, Netcompany-Intrasoft, EU-Lisa, and Noc Services contribute significantly to the overall security posture of the European Union, fostering a resilient digital ecosystem that upholds the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


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